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Breast Localization Needle

Product Description

Breast marking wire

It is used before surgery to determine the location of a non-palpable lesion in the breast so that the surgeon can more easily find the location of the lesion in the tissue during the operation, and the indicator wire after Entrance to the lesion remains constant


:product feature

Centimeter indicator on the cannula: to determine the depth of penetration of the needle in the breast

Step blocker: making it easier when placing the wire at the precise depth of the breast

lockable hub for use in ultrasound or mammography


Placing the wire in the breast is done under the guidance of ultrasound and mammography, but with any type of radiography device, the location of the wire can be seen after it is fixed in the tissue.


VVN1807 VVNX1807 18Gx7cm 20 PINK
VVN1810 VVNX1810 18Gx10cm 20 PINK
VVN2007 VVNX2007 20Gx7cm 20 YELLOW
VVN2010 VVNX2010 20Gx10cm 20 YELLOW
VVN2107 VVNX2107 21Gx7cm 20 LIGHT GREEN
VVN2110 VVNX2110 21Gx10cm 20 LIGHT GREEN