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Bone Biopsy Needle Kit

Product Description

Sampling needle from the bone marrow of the pelvic crest area
along with anti-displacement system
:product attribute
.Designed for quick and easy penetration
Shape to increase the control of the ergonomic handle T
style with pyramid tip
Canola with spoon tip or crown tip
centimeter indicator on the cannula: to determine the depth of penetration of the needle into the tissue
spoon collection cannula or forceps collection cannula
Improving patient comfort
:Has an anti-displacement system
.Complete sample removal: the system is similar to a spoon and removes a complete sample from the tissue
. Prevents the complications that occur due to displacement of the cannula in the tissue (such as severe pain)
. It will be easier and safer to remove the sample from inside the needle because the sample itself is removed together with the system

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